Replacing the windows in a home in Sacramento is a great idea for several reasons. New windows can make an older home look more modern and updated. They also add curb appeal. This is an important consideration both for those planning on staying in their home and those who are planning on putting their house on the market.

If the windows in the home have not been replaced for the last few decades, it may be surprising to see all the different options. Not only is there a need to consider the type of frames for window replacement, but also to consider the type of glass.

Energy Efficiency

A big factor to consider with window replacement is boosting energy efficiency. In Sacramento, the biggest concern is in preventing heat from the exterior, and specifically heat on the glass or through the UV rays from the sun, from adding to the internal room temperature.

Windows with thermal breaks to prevent heat transfer as well as UV blocking glass is now available that is crystal clear and very energy efficient. Energy efficient windows can also be very instrumental in reducing outside noise, making your home a more peaceful and relaxing place.

Upsizing Windows

When considering a window replacement, particularly with an older home, increasing the size of the windows may be an important consideration. Older homes tend to have smaller windows than are typically seen in new homes, and extending the size of windows is often not that much of an additional cost.

Adding Distinctive Windows

Top companies offering replacement windows tend to offer a good selection of new styles. A great example of this is Northwest Exteriors, and they offer folding windows, bay windows and bow windows, all which offer distinctive styles to upgrade a home.

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