While HVAC systems are designed to provide years of worry-free usage, they still need maintenance and occasional Air Conditioning Repair in Rehoboth Beach DE. A maintenance session includes a thorough cleaning, repair recommendations, and a full inspection. Here, homeowners will learn what to expect during a service call.

What the Technician Checks During an HVAC Service Call

An inspection is an important part of equipment maintenance, and they need experienced techs with the right tools for the job. For instance, home HVAC systems have potentially dangerous refrigerant, while furnaces present other hazards. The technician may look for:

  • Loose or corroded connections. Even gas-powered units have some electrical parts, and many malfunctions are electrical in nature. Chemicals and moisture in the air may cause connections and wires to corrode, leading to eventual system failure.
  • Un-lubricated motors: Without sufficient lubrication, motors and other moving parts create friction, which eventually leads to wear. While some wear and tear is natural, if the lubricant isn’t occasionally replenished, the system will wear out faster.
  • Refrigerant levels and pressure: There’s a misconception that a system’s refrigerant is supposed to deplete, much like fuel does in a car. However, that’s not the case. Upon a successful installation, the HVAC system receives enough refrigerant to last its full lifespan. If it’s losing any refrigerant, there’s a leak. If the technician doesn’t check the system’s refrigerant pressure and levels during Air Conditioning Repair in Rehoboth Beach DE, the leak will go unchecked.

If the home’s HVAC unit is exhibiting any of these signs, it’s important to get it checked out right away. Call today, don’t wait any longer!

Call Today for HVAC Service, Maintenance, and Repairs

These are just some of the things HVAC techs look for during service and maintenance visits. Depending on the sort of system the home has, there might be a few other things to look for. Heat pumps, for instance, have a combination heating and cooling system that uses a valve to switch the refrigerant’s direction. If the valve sticks, the heat pump can’t be used. Visit website to learn more or to schedule service.

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