Something as simple as adding new counter tops can turn a boring and dreary room into something beautiful. But before contacting counter top contractors in Johnson County, MO, here’s what to expect from a counter top project.

1. Schedule a consultation with your counter top contractor. The contractor needs to see the space and counters that you’re replacing. Your contractor will also provide an estimate after discussing your project in detail.

2. Choose the materials for your new counter tops. Some of the most popular counter top materials include quartz, marble, granite, and quartzite. In addition to the type of material, you might also have the option of choosing from several colors. Once you’ve decided on your materials and agreed to the estimate, it’s time to start your project.

3. Your contractor will make a template of your cabinets. This serves as a guide so the contractor can accurately size your counter top materials. Without this template, it’s basically impossible to create counter tops that will perfectly fit into your existing space.

4. Your counter top materials receive further shaping and cutting. This step is called fabrication, and it puts the finishing touches on your materials.

5. Your contractor installs your new counter tops. An installation crew will get to work on the final step in the process. Installation can take a few hours or an entire day.

Contact a Contractor to Get Started Gaumats International, LLC can help when you need counter top contractors in Johnson County, MO. Contact us to discuss your counter top options. for details.

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