Building a custom home in Marin County is a dream come true for many people. Custom homes offer the option to create the ideal look to suit the style of the owner, which also means the option to choose the window style, design, brand and type to meet your needs.

Choosing new home windows has none of the limitations of choosing replacement windows. By working closely with a top company in Marin County, you can work with the window supplier and the architect and contractor to ensure the design includes the right new home windows for the look you desire.

Bold Looks

There are designs in new home windows that are bold and modern but still look great with classic, modern or even fully customized home designs. A very trendy yet classic design is a full floor to ceiling windows on both ground floor and second-floor room.

With new energy efficient windows the use reflective coating to prevent UV energy from entering the room, these windows offer terrific natural light and an open, airy look to any room of the home.

Go Geometric

Classic square and rectangular picture windows can be enhanced by custom-designed geometric designs of panel types of windows around and over the main window. Arches and fan shapes are very popular and give a look of additional space and light to both the interior and the exterior of the home.

Elongated rectangular new home windows add a touch of modern to any home, and they provide a great look from the interior of the house. Large sliding windows or garden windows in the kitchen provide a different look and almost give a 3-dimensional look that creates space in your new Marin County custom home.

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