Your roof is one of the most important components of your house, but often the least appreciated. We tend to take it for granted. It’s been there for so long, so why won’t it just last for years and years more? The good news is, yes, it may. But the tough reality is it needs maintenance, regularly. And if it needs repair, this should not be seen as a burden, but as an opportunity—a chance to increase the health and safety of everyone living under this valuable barrier.

How a Good Roof Keeps Your Family Healthy

Health and a good roof are not often linked together. However, they should be. Your roof is essentially the first line of defense against things that can have serious effects on your health. The most common offender when it comes to disturbing the health of those inside a home is moisture. A roof has a few necessary functions when it comes to moisture. First, it has to keep rain and precipitation out. In Jacksonville, snow and freezing are not usually a problem, but if the weather were to shift, even for a few days during the winter, an ice dam could form and send water straight inside your home. A good roof prevents this. Further, if there is a leak in the roof, by the time you notice it, it likely has been creating a hotbed for mold to grow for a long time. Some types of mold can have serious effects on the respiratory system. Making sure you have a good roof can prevent both repairs from water damage and related health costs.

How a Good Roof Keeps Your Family Safe

The physical safety of your family is as important as their health. A strong roof, especially in an area like Jacksonville that is prone to storms and other natural disasters, really needs to be a priority when it comes to assessing the overall strength of your home. When possible, you should have hurricane clips installed to make the roof withstand high powered winds. And for the safety of everybody in your family—and your neighbors—it is crucial to make sure any loose or older shingles are firmly set in place. They can become dangerous projectiles when the wind gets ahold of them.

If you want to be sure your roof is contributing to a safe and healthy environment in your home, reach out to Storm Force of Jacksonville. They can be contacted via their website.

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