If you are thinking of replacing the flooring in your home, then the many options on the market probably have you confused. There has been a debate for some type now over which is better, carpet, or tile. Many homeowners feel that best quality porcelain tile flooring In Doral is the way to go, and others feel that tile is just too cold, making carpeting the only logical choice. Below you will find some reasons that tile beats out carpeting for the perfect floor covering every time.

Choosing the best quality porcelain tile flooring In Doral from a place like villargallery.com, assures that your tile will be durable, strong, and gorgeous from the moment that it is installed. One of the main reasons to choose tile flooring over carpeting is the fact that tile is more aesthetic. If you have someone in your family that has allergies, asthma, or sinus problems, then carpeting is the last thing you need to deal with in your home. Allergens get trapped in the fibers of carpeting, and no matter how much you vacuum, you cannot get them out. These same allergens circulate through the air and can trigger attacks of allergies, asthma, or severe sinus infections, if you aren’t careful.

Another reason to choose quality tile over carpeting is keeping it clean. If something is spilled on your carpet, you can very well end up with a stain that even deep cleaning cannot get out. With tile flooring, if your toddler spills his entire cup of red juice in the middle of the living room floor, you can just mop it up, and the tile will be as good as new. Tile is easy to take care of, making it a top choice among homeowners who are looking to replace their current flooring.

On top of all of the reasons above, is the fact that tile looks amazing with throw rugs on top of it. Throw rugs on top of tile flooring can add an elegance, and a coziness, to your home that cannot be beat. Carpeting has its advantages, but tile is just better. Call us today to get a FREE estimate on our services.

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