Thanks to the need for business and homeowners to secure their property, there are more security camera options on the market today than ever before. As a result, there is no reason why you should not have one installed.

Over the past few years, we’ve found more and more applications where wireless security cameras are necessary for the security application in Louisville, KY. With advanced technology, wireless transmitters have become reliable enough for it to make sense to use them. Still, if you’re looking into wireless security camera options, make sure to avoid the mistakes highlighted here when having these cameras installed.

Not maintaining a proper line of sight

If you are planning on having wireless transmitters and receivers installed for your cameras, you’ll often need a direct line of site between receivers and transmitters. Depending on the time of year, we’ve run into situations where the line of site was fine in the fall but the following year when the foliage grew, the cameras wouldn’t get a proper connection.

Not maintaining consistent power at the remote locations

Even though the cameras or the wireless transmitters or receivers might be wireless, they still require power. In applications where a remote camera is installed, for instance, out on a pole to cover a gate, the camera and/or transmitter would typically need to be plugged into power. Since that outlet isn’t on the main building, we’ve often ran service calls only to realize that the remote outlet lost power. Ensuring that all locations have consistent power is critical for maintaining a wireless camera system.

With wireless camera systems that operate on battery power, it’s important to make sure to change these batteries as needed. Most battery powered cameras will send a low battery signal when they need the batteries changed. Without power, from a battery or an outlet, cameras can’t function.

If you have questions about wireless cameras or wireless transmitters and receivers, visit the Sonitrol Verified Electronic Security website.

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