Like everything else in life, nothing lasts forever. Your roof is no exception. Fortunately, a little repair and maintenance extend the longevity of roofing systems. However, most roof damages continue to deteriorate silently. A significant number of homeowners won’t attend to their roofs until the damage is too loud such as a leaking roof or stubborn mold. So, here are signs to keep you alert and call your roofer for a residential roofing repair Pelham AL.

Missing or broken shingles

The absence of roof shingles provides the perfect entry point for water to sip into the inner layers of the roof or even invite mold. Missing shingles also reduced the general outlook of your roofing system. If you notice a missing or broken shingle, take action immediately and replace it before it becomes messier.

Normal wear and tear

Over time, your roof will lose its glamour. That’s normal. Thankfully, repairs can help maintain its shape as you begin budgeting for its replacement. Inspect your pipes, gutters, roof coating, and other roof structures to see if they are broken, bent, or worn-out. A simple residential roofing repair Pelham AL will fix these damages and extend its lifespan.

Leaks after a storm

This is probably the most evident sign that indicates an urgent need for a roof repair. Your roofer will inspect the damage and suggest the best solution.

Immediately you feel or see any of these telltales, call us now. We will work to restore your roofing conditions to normal.

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