Getting new windows for your home can enhance the exterior appearance and bring a bit of personality to your home. Before you begin searching for new home windows in Sonoma County, consider a few details so that you are happy with your choice. First develop a plan for the designs of the windows that you want in each room and the materials that you prefer so that it’s easier to narrow down your selections when it’s time to go shopping.

Saving Money on Energy Consumption

If you’re trying to save money on your utility bill after your windows are installed, then consider the energy-efficiency features of the options you are considering. Most new home windows in Sonoma County have some type of solar heat coefficient that helps to block out the heat from the sun. You should also keep in mind the air leakage associated with your windows as you don’t want a lot of excess air getting around the frame or between any cracks along the sides.

Home Details

Consider the lighting outside your home. If there are a lot of trees, then you might want to focus on installing windows along walls that face the sky instead of the tree line. Energy-efficient windows should be placed in areas along the south side as this is where most of the heat from the sun will come from during the day, especially if there aren’t as many trees blocking the windows.

Framing the Windows

Think about the types of frames that are available and how much effort you want to put into maintaining the windows. Vinyl is usually the easiest material to clean and maintain. However, wooden frames can give you a charming look that lends an inviting feeling to your home. Fiberglass is an option to consider if you want the most energy-efficient frame.

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