If you are ready to install an alarm system in your business, you will discover there are more than a few features and options to choose from in Louisville, KY. In order to find the right system for your needs, you need to consider your business’s needs and pain points.

Some of the features and factors that you should look for can be found here. Keep in mind, being informed is the best way to ensure you get the alarm system you need.

Monitoring Services

One of the first things to consider is whether or not the alarm system you are having installed is going to come with a monitoring service. While monitoring services will cost more than an unmonitored alarm system, it means that if the alarm is triggered when no one is in your building, the authorities can still be contacted. If the system is not monitored, then you will have to hope someone hears the alarm and calls someone for help. If you have ever been in a parking lot when a car alarm went off, you know that probably won’t happen.

Verified Systems

You also need to find a company that offers verified systems in Louisville, KY. This includes audio or video feeds that let the monitoring service see what is going on before dispatching the authorities. Over 98% of alarms from security systems are false alarms. Depending on your business, the environment in and around it, and even your employees themselves, you might end up spending more money on false alarm fines than you would if someone broke in a stole a few items. Security systems that can verify if alarms are real before dispatching the police will save you money, lead to faster police response times, and better chances of apprehending criminals in in Louisville, KY.

If you are having an alarm system installed in your business, make sure to look for one with the features and factors highlighted here.

More information about verified systems can be found by visiting the Sonitrol website.

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