Trees perform multiple functions in the yard. But sometimes, they are more of a pest than a helpful asset. The difference between whether a tree is a pest or whether it is a helpful part of landscaping is really in the placement of that tree. That’s why you really have to plan where to plant trees in your yard. If you have a tree growing in a bad area, the only real choice is to remove it. Here are some of the areas where trees are more of a pest than an asset.

One area that often requires tree removal near Middleburg FL, is when the tree is growing right next to the house. While limited space in the yard may have made sense for planting a tree in that area, the roots of the tree may have already done extensive damage to the home. Tree roots are strong, and will grow into any cracks in the foundation. They can also grow under the foundation and force the concrete upward, which can cause major destruction to the home. While it may be nice to have this shading, the tree and its roots have to be removed to protect the foundation.

Another place trees can cause a problem is right near power lines. Any tree that is near a power line is dangerous to trim. In addition, a falling branch can easily knock out power. If the tree is right under the power line, it can displace the lines themselves and create a dangerous situation.

Trees on the property line can also be an issue. Often, these trees lead to disputes between neighbours. In some cases, tree removal near Middleburg FL, is the best option for settling disputes, especially if there are liability issues involved.

These are some of the areas where trees are more harmful than they are helpful. In these cases, removal also protects the home’s value. If you have a tree in a dangerous area, contact American Tree Surgeons, Inc. for information on how to get it removed. Sometimes, trees can do more harm to a property than they do good for that property.

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