There’s no denying that climate control is a must for commercial businesses in Beavercreek and across Ohio. As the summer approaches, many property owners are likely considering whether it’s time to have their aging cooling systems replaced. They can read on to find out about a few of the most common signs that it’s time to look into commercial cooling unit installation in Beavercreek OH business owners can trust to provide superior climate control.

Increasing Inefficiency

Just like residential AC units, commercial cooling units become less efficient over time. This increasing inefficiency means business owners or property owners must pay more on their monthly utility bills for the same levels of cooling. Put simply, an inefficient air conditioner is an expensive air conditioner so it just makes sense to replace the cooling unit now instead of wasting more money this summer.

Frequent Repairs

Every commercial AC unit should be inspected at least once a year, preferably prior to the summer season. If this inspection has been turning up the need for repairs every year or if, even worse, the system is going down during the hottest months of summer it might be time to consider having that aging system replaced. By looking into commercial cooling unit installation in Beavercreek OH property owners can wind up saving money on repair costs in the upcoming seasons.

It’s Just Too Old

Commercial AC units are designed to last anywhere between 15 and 20 years without the need for substantial repairs. Although some units, especially those that have been well-maintained throughout their lives, might continue to operate past the two-decade mark, they’re working on borrowed time. A critical breakdown could occur any day and it just doesn’t make sense to wait until the dog days of summer for that breakdown to occur before having the aging unit replaced.

Get Help Now

Know it’s time to replace that aging commercial cooling unit but not sure who to call? Don’t trust just any HVAC contractor with what is undeniably a job for a specialist. Instead, check out to learn about one local company whose contractors have extensive experience working with commercial clients today to get started.

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