The home improvement industry gives homeowners great choices in flooring. For those that can’t afford the real thing, there are choices mirroring natural stone, wood, and ceramic tile. One of these is vinyl plank flooring in Scottsdale. What is vinyl flooring, and why should you choose it?

What It Is

Vinyl consists of layer upon layer of PVC, vinyl, and plastic. It’s thick, softer than other flooring, and a good insulator which makes it warm to the foot. The flooring has a layer upon which a pattern is stamped such as the characteristics or appearance of natural stone or wood. The top layer is the wear layer which resists wear and tear, bumps, and gouges.

Reasons To Choose Vinyl Plank Flooring

The main reason vinyl plank flooring in Scottsdale is so popular is its resistance to water. Spills and pet “mistakes” don’t faze vinyl floors. You can mop it without consequence. You can’t do that with wood floors.

When we mentioned flooring choices above, we failed to mention the choices in vinyl flooring. Homeowners have a real treat in front of them when choosing vinyl floors. Whatever look you’re going for, you’ll find it in vinyl flooring.

Prices are important to homeowners remodeling their homes or building a new one. Vinyl costs up to three times less than natural stone or hard wood floors. For more good reasons to choose vinyl plank flooring, just contact us at, and Home Solutionz will be glad to discuss it with you.

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