Unsure About Where to Place Your Security Cameras in Louisville, KY? Consider These Helpful Tips

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Home Security

More than 66 percent of all burglaries in America each year are classified as home break-ins. Rather than leaving the security of your home to chance, taking action and installing a camera system is vital. With a modern camera alarm system in Louisville, KY, you can keep your home safe and record any suspicious activity that may take place.

A key factor in maximizing use of your system correctly is properly positioning your cameras. If you are unsure about where to put security cameras in your home, consider the following suggestions.

The Front Door Needs to Be Covered

Experts estimate that more than 34 percent of all burglars enter a home through the front door. Properly protecting your front entrance with your new camera alarm system in Louisville, KY, can benefit you greatly.

If you want to keep burglars from tampering with the cameras you install near the front door, you may want to put them on the eves of the home or even a second-floor level. For homes without a second floor, enclosing the camera in wire mesh is a great way to ensure a higher degree of protection.

Don’t Forget About the Backdoor

Nearly 22 percent of burglars use the back and side doors to enter a home. Each of the entry doors in your home needs to be covered with a camera. A modern camera alarm system in Louisville, KY, will come with a variety of cameras, which means you can adequately covering your residence. Placing your cameras out of human reach can keep them protected from tampering. Installing cameras that are both weatherproof and equipped with night vision can help you get the footage needed to catch a burglar in the act.

Trying to do this type of installation work yourself can be a difficult process. Let experienced professionals install your new camera alarm system in Louisville, KY, quickly and correctly.

Getting an affordable camera alarm system for your Louisville, KY, home is easy with the help of the team at Action Security of Louisville. Contact them today to find out about the surveillance systems they carry.

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