If you’re planning on putting together an indoor vertical garden in New York, you’re probably very excited. Indoor vertical gardens are amazingly beautiful. Not only do they add aesthetic beauty to a home, but they also allow you to grow all types of plants, vegetables, and herbs. There are some things that you should think about before you set up your garden so that it’s set up for success.

Check out some of those tips below.

Think about where you’re going to place the indoor vertical garden. If you’re going to be choosing plants that need a lot of sunlight, you’re going to need to place the vertical wall in an area that gets a ton of sun. If you can’t find a place like that, consider growing lights.

Types of Plants
Think about the types of plants that you want to grow. You want to choose plants that are able to grow vertically. This means that they’re going to have to be flexible. Many people new to vertical gardening try herbaceous plants first because they tend to fall a lot more loosely and easily than other types of plants.

People who are using a container that has panels or a wooden pallet for their vertical garden will first need to allow their plants to grow horizontally for a few weeks so that the roots can set. Once they set, they can then be hung vertically without any damage to the roots.

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