Refinishing Your Basement? Here Are Some Tips to do it Right in Simsbury, CT

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Home Improvement

Refinishing your basement is a great way to add more usable space to your home. Whether you want to add a play area for the kids, a theater room or a guest room—or all of these options—before starting on the process, there are some basement finishing Simsbury CT tips you should consider.

1. Consult with a Professional

To ensure you are getting exactly what you want and utilizing the space optimally, then you should consider consulting with a professional. They’ll also be able to let you know if your basement is up to code and give you some ideas you might not have considered to make the space amazing.

2. Develop a Design

While consulting with professionals, they’ll be able to help you create a basement design that will optimize the space. They’ll also know how to place certain features to ensure they adhere to any rules and regulations that might exist, which often applies to bedrooms in the basement and needing egress windows. They’ll also have ideas on how to keep the basement warm and cozy so that people actually want to be in the space.

3. Look for and Fix Any Moisture Problems

Your basement could be prone to high levels of moisture, which could cause problems, including leading to the growth of mold. When it comes to basement finishing Simsbury CT, you’ll want to take care of these problems before you start the remodeling process.

If you’re ready to do something with your basement, then contact Basement Finish Pros LLC at They’ll be able to help you design the basement of your dreams!

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