Do you want a basement finished only in the corner in which you want your workshop? Does someone else in the family want a home theater, home gym, home office, or all the above in the basement? Does your teenager want an apartment of his own down there?

While you’re thinking of how finished the basement should be, there are some basics you should know before you finalize the design. You’ll need an expert for installing wiring, windows and doors, and drainage, so it may be worth your while to search for basement remodeling companies in Suffield, CT.


Depending on what purpose you’ve decided the basement will fulfill, the wiring will need to be properly done. You don’t want to fire up your power tools only to shut down the power to that whole circuit. Make sure you have enough outlets in case you want to put in an apartment for your teenager or in-laws.

Windows and Doors

Most basements have small windows along the side of the house. Will these allow occupants to exit the house safely in case of an emergency? Your local building codes might specify egress windows for this reason. Codes specifying the number and measurements of windows and doors exist for your safety. Plan windows and doors when you’re meeting with basement remodeling companies in Suffield, CT.


If you’re going to have a bathroom, kitchen, or wet bar in the basement, you’ll need proper drainage. This might tap into the sewer lines in the house, or it might require a separate drainage system. You might also need to add a sump pump.

Dry Basement

Basements are the rock bottom of the property. If there’s moisture, it will find its way to the basement, as will mold and mildew. You’ll need a professional to assess the moisture problem and determine if a sump pump or floor drainage will be more appropriate. By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be able to design a basement space that will meet your needs. Professionals from a basement remodeling company will be able to answer any questions you may have about the process.

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