Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home – you use it every day and often invite family and friends. The kitchen is where your friends and family gather together to cook meals, have parties, and just spend time together.

A custom kitchen from our Twickenham-based contractors will allow you to create a space that’s perfect for your needs – from layout to color scheme, materials used to whatever extra features you might want. Here are three essentials to include in your bespoke kitchen:

1. Include Personalized Designs

A bespoke kitchen is designed to fit your exact needs and taste. This means you can add in features like a certain luxe wallpaper print or high-quality tiling. You’ll also have more choice when it comes to cabinet colors and styles than you would in a regular stock kitchen. Be sure to discuss exactly what you want with your designer—they’re there to help you create your ideal kitchen.

2. Choose Custom Colors

Bespoke painted kitchens are more than a makeover; they offer a whole new look for kitchens that are unique to the homeowner. Why not opt for a custom color scheme that looks fantastic and reflects your personality? Colors like navy, grey-blue, or navy are ideal for elegant bespoke hand painted kitchens.

3. Use Limewash

Limewash paint is an easy way to transform traditional kitchens into bespoke hand painted kitchens. With limewash paint, you can add texture and color to a room in addition to your new color scheme. It can be bought premixed or created at home using lime and water. Limewash should always be diluted before use, as it can damage walls if applied undiluted.

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